Say Hello, Then Wave Goodbye

There are different types of expats living in Mauritius:

  • Those married to Mauritians, and who have made their home here
  • Those who have started businesses here
  • Those who have retired here for tax-purposes
  • Those who have retired here because they like it
  • Those on work contracts for international companies

We have friends from all of these categories.

Most expats are in and out of the country a lot, as they return home to visit their families, or go on holiday, or go off on business – so you get used to people not being here.

“Where’s “X” – I haven’t seen him/her for a while”

“They’re in (pick a country) – and due back in a few months”

That’s fine.

Normal even.

However, sometimes, something else happens.

Sometimes people leave for good.

Sadly, that’s part and parcel of an expat’s life.

I’m sure it’s the same all around the world.

Knowing that doesn’t make it any easier though.

A good friend of ours, Ann, lost her Mauritian husband, Robert, last year, and has made a life-changing decision to return to the UK after having lived here for 14 years.

I’ve known her for less than 4 of those years, but during that time, we became close.

I shall miss her enormously.

You miss everyone that leaves, but some more than others.

Au revoir, Ann, bon voyage, et bonne chance.

I’m sure that everything will work out for you, and that you’ve made the right decision.

But that won’t stop me from missing you! xx