The Nurseries Pt 3

Pepiniere Renaissance

Unfortunately, we only discovered this gem after we’d bought most of our plants.

Here’s a link to their website: Renaissance Nursery

There are some plants on the site that they don’t stock – apparently the guy who set up the site just downloaded random photos without checking with the staff. Then he left and they haven’t replaced him yet.

They do not have the Sealing Wax palm, so don’t bother driving all the way there for it!!

Heading into Goodlands from Petit Raffray, turn left at the lights leading to Grand Gaube. On the right is a high stone wall – about 100m along is the 1st large entrance – do yourself a favour and take it.

If you see a Hindu temple in front of you, you’ve gone into the 2nd entrance – I said the 1st one.

They never advertise, nor do they have a sign. It’s the best kept secret in The North.

This was a stables in days of yore.


  • It’s huge – the public area alone covers about 7 or 8 acres. Three large shadehouses and a gigantic outdoor area.
  • I found plants I’ve been after for ages including canna, agapanthus and lilies
  • Enormous variety
  • Many plants are much bigger than anywhere else, but somehow the root ball has been kept to a reasonable size so they’re relatively easy to plant. And whilst they’re double the price, these plants are at least triple the size
  • Lovely old buildings
  • Helpful and knowledgeable English-speaking staff

Keen to show that I’m a local, and not a tourist, I asked them in French how long the nursery had been there, and they told me that they close at 3 every day. I switched back to English. Must take those French lessons.


  • It’s huge – give yourself at least an hour to walk around properly, and take an umbrella for shade.

Also get a staff member to walk around with you from the start, or you’ll have to do it all over again in that hot blazing sun without an umbrella. Don’t ask!

  • Nowhere to buy a bottle of water  – take your own