Introduction to SFG, and Shopping

Square Foot Gardening

I was googling vermiculite, and I discovered this website.

Wow – what a great idea for growing vegetables and herbs– you divide a raised bed into square foot sections, and depending on the fully-grown size of the plant, you simply follow a formula to plant up each square.

For example:

Tomato – 1 plant needs four squares

Capsicum – 1 plant needs one square

Cos lettuce – 4 plants to a square

Carrot – 16 plants to a square

We already have a raised bed, although it’s a foot wider than they recommend (10’ x 5’ instead of 10’ x 4’).

If I can’t reach into the centre, never mind, because Alf can – he’s got big long monkey arms.

No, not really, just normal man-size arms.

The beauty of this system, is that:

  • you can grow a large variety of plants in a relatively small area
  • your seeds last a long time (they recommend storing them in the fridge) as you only use the number that you need, instead of sowing the whole packet, thinning out the seedlings and throwing them away
  • again, because of the restricted size of the bed, you aren’t wasting water, as you’re watering a very specific area
  • as you harvest a square, you can top it up with compost, then plant it up again

I love this idea – I really hope it works for me.

The soil they use is a mix of compost, vermiculite and peat moss:

  • compost adds goodness to the soil, and thereby feeds the plants
  • peat moss helps retain water
  • vermiculite keeps the soil light and open, and allows air to circulate. It also helps with water retention.

We can get compost.

Apparently I can get peat moss, as it grows in the Black River Gorge National Park. No problem – I’m sure the rangers won’t mind me hiking through and stealing twenty or so kilos of it!

I know for sure you can get vermiculite (or something like it) because one of the local nurseries sticks it on top of their pots in the hope that you won’t notice all the clover growing in them.

What remains to be seen however, is whether they’ll sell me some or tell me who the supplier is. Probably not is my guess.

‘Cause that’s just the way it is here.


Shopping in Mauritius is frustrating – the Yellow Pages are useless, so unless you’re lucky enough to bump into the right person, you’ve got little chance of sourcing things.

Most shop assistants aren’t very helpful – if they don’t stock it, they’ll rarely tell you who does. Maybe they just don’t know.

And when you ask a local where to buy something, 9 times out of 10, they’ll answer “Port Louis”.

What shop or at least which part of Port Louis? It’s a city for God’s sake, not a street!

It’s best to ask around the expat community because someone, somewhere, has at one point, wanted the same thing that you’re now after.

Also, if you see something you like, buy it now. Because if you go away to think about it, it will have sold out when you go back.

Anyway, back to my Square Foot Garden bed.

I’ll be starting work in it in the next couple of weeks, but it’ll be a while before my next SFG post as I have a lot of preparation to do before the actual planting.

Soil-wise, I’ll probably just end up mixing compost into the pile of soil that’s currently in the driveway, and go from there.

I hereby rename you, Square Foot Gardening Mauritian-Style.

Also known as Square Foot Gardening Without Peat Moss or Vermiculite Because I Couldn’t Find Any.

(Please drop me a line if you know of an outlet selling either of them. Cheers!)