Grid, Coral, and Paint

To stop the bamboo grid in the Square Foot Gardening bed from warping, touching the soil, and rotting, I propped it up with some old bits of coral I had.

CoralThe downside is that they soon go grey with mould (and I don’t really want mould spores near something I’m going to eat), so I dipped them in a mild bleach solution to kill the spores, gave them a bit of a scrub, and left them to dry in the sun.

Then I painted and varnished them, and left them outside for quite a few days to allow the toxic fumes to evaporate, before putting them anywhere near my future food source.


I wanted hot pink spraypaint but it’s not available here, so I had a litre of paint mixed in the closest thing I could find to hot pink – I even took the paint chip out into the sun to check.

What I’ve ended up with isn’t even remotely close – more like fluorescent pinkish apricot – and I’m sure it glows in the dark!

Not hot pink paintWhy don’t they sell sample pots here? And why do paint chips never represent what you actually get?

I had to varnish the coral because the paint’s too flat – there’s no sheen whatsoever to it.

It looks chalky and weird.

Varnished coralVarnishing also made the paint slightly darker and slightly less ugly.

And will stop the return of mould, though a sheen to the paint would have also have served that purpose.

I was planning on using the paint on the bamboo grid once it faded.

I obviously won’t be doing that now – it’s too ugly and too flat.

I’m annoyed in case you haven’t noticed.

However, I suppose that at the end of the day, while it’s nothing like I wanted, and caused me extra work, it adds colour to the garden, and serves a practical purpose to boot.

What more can you ask for?

(Well, maybe some hot pink paint with a slight sheen!!!)

My advice?

Buy Permoglaze paints – if they don’t have the colour you want, pay a little extra to get Permoglaze paint mixed in a Mauvillac shade.

And don’t listen to the guy at Espace Maison who tells you that Permoglaze and Mauvillac paints are of equal quality!!!

Painted coral