House Renovation Photos

Mauritian builders have their own particular way of doing things.

It’s baffling to watch, and looks dangerous – but it works.

Mauritius is in a cyclone zone, so all building is done in concrete.

Basically, the builders dig big holes (usually by hand), and pour concrete foundations, into which they set rebar fashioned into whatever shape they need. Then they put formwork around the rebar and fill it with more concrete to create the support columns and crossbeams. Finally, they build the walls between the columns using breeze blocks, and render them.

Garage scaffolding

Garage scaffolding holding up formwork for a crossbeam

The iron reinforcement on the corners of the house was showing, so our builder, Joselito nailed some offcuts of wood to the house and garden wall, and up he went. He patched up some of the holes the nails made, but not others.


Repairing the corners of the house

Bang, bang! This actually caused our new bathroom tiles to crack, but there’s no way we were having them replaced – we’d had our fill of renovations by that stage.


Chipping off damaged cement

Wiring the rebar

Wiring the rebar


Making the formwork

Patio Scaffolding

Scaffolding for the patio crossbeams

Before they poured the downstairs patio floor, they decided to kindly get rid of some of the rubble for us, so they covered the soil with it.

Patio floor

The patio floor

And last but not least, Mr Death-Wish – I couldn’t watch.


Rendering the small balcony roof

Very innovative.

If a bit frightening at times!