Tarring the Roads

Like a lot of people, we live in a morcellement.

Its overseas equivalent would be a housing estate. A large portion of land is developed, and sold off as individual blocks.

The current trend here is for gated communities, with the entire morcellement walled off, and a guard posted at the gate, where you’ll normally find him fast asleep in his little guard hut.

Our morcellement consists of one main road that dead-ends, with small cul-de-sacs or U-shaped roads coming off it. There’s only the one entrance in, and it’s the same entrance out.

Now, the main road was in great condition, but the side streets were potholed, or had never been tarred.

Then last year, the Roads Department trucks arrived.

The first couple of roads were tarred, and they looked great.

Then they skipped a few roads and tarred some further up.

They did the same thing again, and then they disappeared.

A few months later, very early one morning, I was having coffee on the patio, when I heard mysterious rumblings, and looked up to see bulldozers and trucks pass the house.


The noise continued, so I went outside to see what was going on.

They were tarring our road! Great.

Except they hadn’t told anyone, and by the time people were ready to leave for work, they had difficulty getting their cars out of their driveways because the road had been dug up.

And if you wanted to go out later, you couldn’t, because they were laying the tar.

A little note stating, “Your road will be repaired tomorrow. Please park on the main street.” would have been helpful.

Anyway, good, they were back to finish the rest of the roads.

But they continued to do it in the same haphazard fashion as last time – a road at the end of the morcellement, then one in the middle – no logic that we could see.

Then they left again, and haven’t been back since.

Alf has a theory – maybe they were driving up the main road and choosing a side street where there were no cars parked.

I think he’s right because the roads that are still untarred are those where people park on the road.

That note would have been really helpful.