Supermarkets and the Art of Hoarding

I think it all started when we ran the café.

We’d go to buy supplies for the coming week, but half the things we wanted weren’t on the shelves.

How can you make a Greek salad without feta? Or a roast beef sandwich when the butcher doesn’t have the cut you need, and won’t until the following week? What, no Philadelphia for cheesecake? What to do???

We began to hoard food. We’d check the expiry date, and load up.

We turned into that weird couple with 10 packets of cheese in their shopping trolley.

Our fridges were piled high and our freezers were full.

But it wasn’t our fault.

Most of the food in the supermarkets is imported from overseas.

That’s fine – we get that – we’re living on a tropical island after all – it’s very small!

What we don’t get is how all the supermarkets can run out of the same stock, and not have it on the shelf again for months.

Likewise, how can all the pharmacies run out of the same basic medications – also for months?

Who does the ordering and how can it take so long to get here? Is someone rowing it over to Mauritius?

We still hoard food – it’s become a habit and a necessity – just not to the same extent because now it’s only for us.

Maybe now that all these new supermarkets have opened in The North, things might change.

Because currently when Super U has no Queen Adelaide sparkling wine or Devondale cheese, our friends say, “Alf’s been shopping!”

But it’s not true, he’s just been spreading the word and everyone’s doing it!

Though we do eat a lot of cheese.

PS It’s still raining a lot – so if you’re following this blog for the gardening side of things, I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait a while!