Poor Cat, and Freaky Day

Today, I heard a “meouw”

Over and over again.

I’m a cat person, so I recognised it as a distressed kitten noise.

It was coming from next door.

I kept looking, checking the neighbour’s trees and garden, but couldn’t see anything

For about half an hour.

I kept looking. It was definitely coming from there.


Then it started to rain heavily. Really heavily.

The crying became worse.

I looked again, and saw a kitten trying to run up next door’s mango tree trunk.

But it kept falling off – I kept watching as I couldn’t work out what it was doing.

It kept losing its grip, falling off the tree, then gripping the trunk in weird ways.

Finally, I understood – it had a rope around its neck, and kept swinging from the tree, then grabbing on to it again – what the hell?

It was trapped in a noose – it kept trying to run back up the tree, but the heavy rain was making its feet slide off.

Every now and again, it would hang there by its neck – quiet and dead-looking.

But its desire to live kicked in, and it struggled to get back up the tree.

I’ve never seen anything so upsetting and horrific.

I don’t mean that I just stood there and kept watching – it just took a while for me to understand what I was seeing. And to work out what to do. And to look again to see if it was still alive – I just had to keep going away.

You can’t imagine!

The neighbours were out, but their 4 dogs were home, and would no doubt bite my face off if I tried to go into their yard. I didn’t know what to do apart from cry.

So I woke Alf up, once I realised that I couldn’t work out how to save the kitten.

He’s more practical than me.

He put our stepladder against the communal garden wall, and cut the rope with a long-armed cutter-thing.

The kitten fell to the ground, continued to complain, and walked around.

It kept meowing for a while. Loud and complaining.

The neighbours finally came home. We haven’t spoken to them yet.

Will check with them to see what happened.

I know they didn’t do anything on purpose – they’re animal lovers. I will talk to them in the next few days.

It’s still meouwing in their garden.

And I’m still in shock – can’t imagine how Alf feels – he had to get up close and personal, tell the kitten it would be OK, pull it off the tree, let it dangle a bit more, so he could cut it free. I couldn’t have done that – I don’t have it in me.

I still feel ill.

Alf, is also upset, but in addition, got an injured elbow, and various other sore bits from climbing up the ladder and cutting the kitten free.

Crappy day.

But worse for that kitten.