Please Don’t let me be Misunderstood

On an expat website, I replied to someone who wondered why young Mauritian guys would chat her up at the beach.

I said that we’d met a few female tourists over the years, who very openly stated that they come over here to pick up a guy for a couple of weeks, have some fun, and go home again. The girls pay for meals and drinks if the guy can’t afford it, and everybody wins.

Their choice.

Who cares?

Maybe it’s these same guys trying to find a new sugar-girly.

Who knows? And again, who cares?

I immediately received a number of messages from Mauritian guys, asking for an introduction to the girls, and quickly had to add to my original post that I did not in fact know these girls, and that I wasn’t a madam.

What’s with these guys – read what I wrote! Or get a paying job!

Although…I wonder if I’d get paid commission? Because unlike Alf, I am Mauritian after all!

The hidden entrance to my favourite beach at Pereybere

The hidden entrance to my favourite beach at Pereybere

Coin de Mire

View of Coin de Mire Island from Pereybere beach

Dead shark

Dead shark, random stranger and my knee at Trou aux Biches beach