Oh My God, and Help!!

I usually only post twice a week. But…

…I just received my first aggressive “Comment”(s)!

Don’t worry, read my initial reply and you’ll understand that I can look after myself.

I’m still in charge of my own blog after all!

However, what is going on?

All I do on this blog is write about things that have happened to us.

I make nothing up, I exaggerate nothing, and I don’t denigrate or name anyone.

On top of that, I try to write in a light-hearted and humorous way.

I guess I’ve failed horribly, because Jean-Pierre, a Mauritian living in France, has taken serious objections with the “Why we Don’t Have a Maid” post.

He says that he isn’t an internet troll, so maybe, instead, he has a relative who’s a maid, and he can’t see beyond that. I can’t think of any other reason he’s taken such offence with what I wrote.

He should be mad at our ex-maid, not me! And, by the way, she did not have a learning disability – now who’s being insulting?

I don’t feel superior, I don’t think of anyone as a “Coolie” or a slave, nor do I choose to relocate, thank you very much, Jean-Pierre! If he’d bothered to read any more of this blog, he’d realise that I am also a Mauritian, and this blog is not serious.

What the hell??

I don’t want to reply directly to him any further, because I might end up getting angry, then who knows what I might write – I’m not able to help myself.

And it would only go downhill from there!

So, I’d appreciate your input.

Any input, from anyone!

Please – save me from myself!

Depending on where you’re accessing this page from, either hit the “Reply” link at the bottom of this page, or just write directly in the comment box, and go for it!


And weird.

Get a grip J-P!

(See – I can’t stop!)


And thanks in anticipation!