Windchime – Part 2

Remember this from Part 1?

Old windchimeWell, it’s been sitting here, partially-completed, waiting for me to brave the curious stares of passing motorists, and gather an armful of sugarcane leaves from a nearby cane field.

Once safely home with my pilfered goodies, I cut the leaves into short lengths, and glued them onto the existing thatching:

The first layer

Gluing on the first layer

Building up the layers

Building up the layers

During this stage, I had serious doubts about my plan (and my sanity – why didn’t I just buy a new one?) as it looked like this:

Side view

Guess it’s not only me who has bad hair days!

But I persevered, and once I trimmed the bottom edge, it started to look more like the real thing:


Using the original bamboo ring as a cutting guide

I  wound raffia around the pointy bit to hide the rough edges:

Raffiaand then decided to paint the raffia, as it was a completely different colour to the cane leaves.

I varnished the top layer of leaves to match the body of the windchime, and finally, to give it that authentic “Mauritian thatched roof” look, I secured it with nylon bird mesh.

Bird meshIt took a while, but it was fun to do.

Back view

Back view

Front view

Front view

Besides, every garden needs a little kitsch!