Transforming a 1960’s Stool into a Garden Planter

Sadly, I can’t make one of these for myself as I don’t think I could find a retro stool in Mauritius.

But back in Perth, whenever I saw one at a garage sale, I’d snap it up – they were only a couple of dollars each.

They’d come in gold-coloured metal, with a vinyl, or horribly matted fake fur cushion, so I’d spraypaint the metalwork in matte black, and recover the seat in (new and clean) fake zebra fur.

Look to the right(Sorry, the stool isn’t exactly front and centre –  but this is the only old photo I can find – my focus at the time was on our cat, Psst, who liked to squish herself into small spaces, which would make me laugh)

Anyway, the stools weren’t very comfortable to sit on (unless you had incredibly short legs and a well-padded derrière!), but they looked good, and were handy short-term seating when friends visited.


Stool planter

Source: gatsbysgardens

…had I seen this picture back then, I would have removed the seat altogether with an angle-grinder, and inserted a hanging basket (minus the chains) in the resulting hole. After spraypainting the metalwork in a bright gloss of course. I love spraypaint.

The stools I bought didn’t have backs – but I’m pretty sure I could have worked something out with metal coat hangers and wire.

Unless you really enjoy angle-grinding, check underneath the cushion, so you don’t buy one that looks like this:

Too many bars

Source: Some etsy page charging a fortune for a $2 “vintage stool”!

All the ones I bought must have been the cheap version back in their day, as they had just two cross-bars holding the cushion up.

Planting-wise, I would go with a non-aggressive climber to slowly twist its way up, something bright and upright in the centre, and a trailing plant to spill over the edges of the basket.

I love the unusual.

In hindsight, I wish we’d brought a couple of stools to Mauritius with us.

Mmm, let me think…who are our next visitors from Australia?????

You know who you are. Any space left?

Those stools weigh nothing!


They’re just slightly bulky.