Plagiarism or Inspiration?

I can draw, and I like to paint.

But unless I have something to copy, my drawings look as though they were done by a five year old.

So if I find a painting that I like, I copy it.

Mainly for our house, and ever so occasionally for friends.

Not an exact copy – I change it to suit my paint-by-numbers style of painting, and I also change the content to suit me.


Original art

Sorry, but I can’t remember the artist’s name.

…became this:

My version…this painting:

Same unknown artist

Original version

…is still a work in progress:

My version

…and finally, my version of this:

Original version

Don’t know this artist’s name either

…remains unfinished as I can’t work out how to paint the folds in the veil and ribbon. I’ve tried many times and have to keep painting over it. The veil is now about 3mm thick!

My versionIt was a wedding present for a friend – she saw, and loved, something similar in an art gallery we visited together.

She has since celebrated 3 years of marriage, and has a 2-year old. Maybe for her next wedding anniversary – I’ve got till around October, I think!

As an aside, this looked a bit dull against the cream wall  – colour of the sand disappeared into the wall:

Unframed paintingSo I painted a frame on the wall around it, using the paint from our main living area, and now the colours in the painting really jump out (you can’t tell from my photos, but believe me, it makes a huge difference!):

Painting framedI got the idea when the painting got blown off the wall last week, and I leant it up against the lounge room wall until the wind died down.

Anyway, back to my original question: plagiarism or inspiration – which is it?