The Verge

Some before photos:

verge rubble

Removing the renovation rubble

Virgin Verge

Mess courtesy of the dog next door

Factors I took into account before planting:

  • Our road is always in full sun
  • I don’t like to go out there to water the plants because it’s too hot, I sometimes have to chat with passers-by, and the dogs next door bark at me and give me heart attacks
  • The guys from next door play soccer in the street
  • Lots and lots of rubble and cement dust in the soil
  • The bin men throw the bin lid around
  • Dogs come sniffing around, so are probably peeing and worse
  • There are a lot of sticky fingers in Mauritius – not me – I just take small cuttings!

Keeping these things in mind, I planted the verge mainly with cuttings, so if anything happens to the plants, I won’t get too mad.


vergeThe only things I bought were 2 palms, and I transplanted the bougainvilleas from the garden.

I’m hoping the bougainvilleas will grow up the wall, and tumble over into the garden.

bougainvilleaThe entrance into the driveway has the original banana trees, and the two golden cane palms that eventually recovered from the builders’ bonfire, and are growing back after being pruned down to 3 feet by the gardener.

bananasI’m going to lay crushed coral where the bins are, and mulch the rest with compost.

My scheme to stop the bin men crushing plants with the bin lid seems to be working so far. I’m laying lumps of coral (I need more but can’t remember where I found them) in a line, to delineate between the garden and The Only Place Bin Lids Should Go.

coral edge

They seem to have noticed, or it could just be a coincidence that they haven’t squashed anything since.

I lost about half the plants, and had to re-plant all the rhoeo (Moses in a Cradle) because the gardener weeded the verge on his last day of work.

But before he left, he made me a beautiful edging of rocks and rubble.

rubble edge

I’ll be replacing it with crushed coral one day.