Coconut Palms

We have two. We used to have three, but one had to be cut down for the new balcony.

We almost had none until I convinced our builder, Joselito, that if they damaged the house in a cyclone by banging into it, we would get the house repaired.

Full view

I didn’t mention them before as they feel more like part of the house than part of the garden because they’re so close to the house. Plus I forgot about them.

They’re old and huge, and they drop branches, coconuts and lots of little messy dead flowers. And we love them.

The branches and coconuts do fall onto the plants below – so I made sure to only plant things that can easily recover or be replaced.

You don’t really notice them from the garden – they’re just there. But from the upstairs balcony, the fronds droop down and sway in the breeze, and make a lovely fronds-swaying-in-the-breeze sound.

balcony coconut

I got Joselito to build a step in between them to create an entrance from the house into the garden.

garden step

The other entrance is another Joselito-built step by the front gate.

Should have put a third entrance leading up from the driveway and through the middle of the bed, because that’s the route the meter reader and all the workers take.

Anyway, from the ground floor patio, looking out, the step is flanked by two thick trunks that look like columns, with a curving path leading away from you. Very nice.

coconut trunks

Except you have to move really fast down that step or a coconut might fall on your head.