Soil Wetter

Alf is turning into the Readers Digest Handy Hint Book.

He discovered, albeit by accident, a soil wetter for those pesky bits of the garden that just won’t absorb water.

He only gets part of the credit for this one though, because I noticed what happened and experimented with it.

What, he got 100% credit for the geckos!


Mauritius is very humid, so unless you want everything in your wardrobe or cupboards to turn green, you’d be very wise to buy tubs of de-humidifier from the supermarket (there are a lot of different brands, and they all work well). And they’re cheap – they cost around rs50.

DehumidifierThey sit in your cupboard, quietly collecting moisture from the air.

When they’re full you throw them out and buy a new one.

Unless you’re Alf.

He likes to empty the water out and use them a second time.

He emptied one out onto the sawdust path.

And the patch remained wet for a week. When it rained, that same patch stayed wet after the rest of the path had dried.

I watched that patch a lot. I didn’t stare, just watched.

The next time a tub was full, Alf carefully poured the water into an empty plastic bottle for me.

I poured a little into the watering can, filled it up with water, found some plants I didn’t mind losing, watered around them a little, then watered it in with the hose.

It works perfectly, and goes a long way.

However, with no ingredients on the label, I won’t be using it on the vegetable garden when I get around to planting it!

Thank you, Alf.