Planting, and the Rockettes

Because of the rock problem throughout the garden, and the fact that I no longer had a gardener, the size of the root ball, and consequently the size of the hole I had to dig, was the major factor when buying the plants.

The veitchia palms, for example

I bought the smallest ones I could find, but I still had to dig 6 holes more than a foot deep. Hard work for foot-tall plants that don’t even look like palms yet!

Also, remember the GIANT rocks? Well, in a number of spots where the plants just had to go if they weren’t to upset my symmetrical obsession, there they were.

At first I dug around them hoping they were rockettes I could remove with the pickaxe. Alas, no. Their contours just went on and on…

So I radically teased out the plant’s roots, removing all the soil. I then put some soil on the rock, spread out the roots, covered them up, and hoped for the best.

So far, so good.

Speaking of rockettes, what to do with them? No amount of bribery will get the bin men to take them away. Alf’s tried. So I decided to use them as bases for ornaments:



Or as actual ornaments till I make some ornaments:


It would have been physically impossible for me to dig a lot of large holes – the small ones were bad enough.

It the end, while it saved us a lot of money (which was never the object), I found myself with a lot of very small plants, which once planted, disappeared into the landscape.

If we’d discovered Renaissance earlier, we’d already have the makings of a real garden. Sigh!

But although it’s been a lot of hard work, I’m glad I did it myself.

Everything’s exactly where I want it, and I didn’t have the stress of having to follow the gardener around to make sure he wasn’t killing something.

Or having to move plants when he left, because he put them in the wrong place.