My Mauritian Weed Patch

I haven’t done any gardening since November – it suddenly got really hot, really fast, and really early – I used to be able to garden from 6 to 11am – I’d move from one shaded part of the garden to another, until I ran out of shade.

And then one day, there was no shade anywhere by 8.30.

So I got too hot (and too lazy), and decided to take a break.

I moved on to sewing curtains, patternmaking, and sewing clothes for myself (I started a lot of things, but finished nothing – again, lazy, plus I have a short attention span ie I got bored fast).

So I started researching recipes for our New Year’s Day party instead, and then the party itself happened. It was fun – update to come once I get copies of photos from a guest I’ve yet to chase down – I forgot to take any myself – due to busyness, organisational stress, and, towards the end of the day, alcohol. Hey, I’m being honest! No comment please, Eileen!

Anyway, then I got strangely unwell.

Mauritius, having a humid, tropical climate, has a lot of airborne bugs, and consequently, airborne viruses – usually flu-like. Plus, a lot of people here are not very hygiene-conscious, so you might eat something they’ve touched with their filthy, germ-ridden, unwashed hands, and get an upset stomach.

I’m very susceptible to both of the aforementioned. Also I had surgery earlier this year that I’m still recovering from.

However, I’ve been suffering from Weird Sleeping Sickness, which has nothing to do with any of those things.

For the last couple of weeks, on average, I’ve been sleeping about 15 hours a day.

I’d get up early, have coffee, sit around, go on the internet, feel tired, go back to bed and wake up around 3pm. Potter around for an hour or so, feel light-headed, go back to bed again, and wake up the next morning.

Every day for two weeks.

Plus, post-op soreness re-appeared. Family and friends know about that – everyone else – none of your business!!!! Girly stuff! Not your problem. Anyway…

I’m pretty short-sighted, so during those two weeks, the few times I checked out the garden from our patio, it all looked pretty overgrown – but green.

“That’s a good thing,” I’d think to myself, “it’s all still alive”. Then I’d go back to bed.

Anyway, I’m getting better, so for the first time this year (hello 2013!), I went out yesterday for an up-close and personal look at the garden.


And holy crap!

It’s a Jungle of Monster Weeds!!!

It’s been raining a lot, and I guess Mauritian weeds appreciate it more than Mauritian plants do.

Giant weed

It’s taller than the plants!

Weed attackMore weedsEven my pile of soil in the driveway is sprouting greenery:

Dirt pileSome plants have been totally covered by the weeds – are they even still there? Or have they been smothered?

Barely visible bromeliads

There are bromeliads in there somewhere! And my camera bag to the right. Oops.

Or maybe eaten by disgusting giant African snails (those things are so big, slimy, and gross!!!!!)?

Giant African snail

This is a baby – you should see its parents!

Other plants either got blown over by the tropical storm/cyclone winds and are now growing sideways, or got waterlogged and fell over.

Cyclone-affected mulberry treeFrangipaniOr drowned and died.

Drowned ruelliaEven the grass/weeds I poisoned are growing back.

Ex-weed-free path!

My lovely Roundup(ed) path!

We need to buy stakes. And a few replacement plants. Also snail poison – no Dettol for them! I still have Roundup.

Arriving back up on the patio, I took another look (albeit in a squinty kind of way – things are clearer like that for me – I really do need to get glasses) at the garden – if I don’t cut the grass and pull the weeds out soon, we’ll have no visible plants, and even the pots will disappear!

Weed-covered potMajor work coming up.

Not feeling up to it yet, I’m still tired.

Maybe next week. Or the one after.

If only I had a gardener!

Anyway, enough of this, I need a nap.