My Gardening Tools

This is called a pioche in French. I don’t know what it’s called in English as I’d never seen one before coming here.


It looks like the hoe Jack might have found at the top of the beanstalk.

It’s pretty heavy and the metal bit often comes off (I’m good with those technical terms).

It’s the tool I use to dig with.

The trusty pickaxe for levering out GIANT rocks and rockettes.

The machete – handy for chopping stuff down (well, it hacks at things, actually).


Also good for attacking the neighbour you’ve been feuding with when you’ve had too many bottles of local rum (!).

Ah, Mauritius, so laid-back.

I also use trowels for digging small holes – they get bent a lot.

Spades here are useless because of the rocks.

But a shovel comes in handy for shovelling topsoil etc into your wheelbarrow, or lending to the builders for mixing concrete even though they don’t wash it off, so that it now weighs an extra 5 kilos.

Did someone just mention wasps?