The Soil

Well, you know about the GIANT rocks.

There is also:

  • rubble from the construction of the original house (lumps of cement, rusty metal, gravel, plastic stuff)
  • Ditto from our two renovations
  • Leftover beach sand and tiny shells from the original construction – once upon a time they used it instead of builders’ sand – I hope we don’t get blown away in the next cyclone!
  • Giant shells from dead giant African snails (disgusting creatures!)
  • Fist-sized rocks – lots of them
  • Rockettes – the baby sisters of the giant rocks.


The term rockette is inspired by our friend Robin.

The couple that own her local shop are called Vana and Vani, so what else would she call their daughters, but the Vanettes.

Vana, Vani, and the Vanettes! I love Robin.

Anyway, in general, our soil is grayish-brown and well-draining.

But hold on, where’s that deep red fertile soil that I saw in huge piles, when the people across the road put in their pool?

It remains a mystery.

Or buried deep, deep underground.

Maybe that’s where those grass roots are heading.