That Damn Grass!

We do not have a lovely lush lawn.

Instead we have a variety of weeds and two types of grass, one that has surface runners only, and the other that has runners plus roots that go down more than a foot.

I neither know nor care what they’re called. I just want them gone!!!!

I‘ve tried:

  • Digging it up or pulling it out (ha!). Many times
  • Being environmentally-friendly and spraying the grass with vinegar – don’t believe those websites – it DOESN’T work!
  • Covering it with newspaper, then lawn clippings, seaweed and rocks to hold it all down

Slaters moved in because apparently they love newspaper – they chewed holes through the paper and the grass grew through the holes

The slaters are now permanent additions to our garden.

Those websites forgot to mention slaters.

I didn’t bother filling the kettle up about a million times and pouring boiling water all over it. Same websites!

Humidity is high in Mauritius, so covering the soil with plastic was not an option as I didn’t want a slime pit.

I decided to be environmentally-unfriendly, and to do the sensible thing instead – poison it all with Roundup.

It takes about a week for the grass to show signs of dying.

I don’t spray as it’s always windy. Instead I use a 1 inch paintbrush and am slowly painting the grass to death.

Maybe by the end of the year. Or 2015!