The Garden During House Renovations

We wanted outdoor living spaces, so after renovating the kitchens and bathrooms – wait, let me explain before you think we live in a castle.

It’s an old-style Mauritian family home, meaning that it’s a two bedroom house on the ground floor, with an exact replica upstairs. We live upstairs, and the folks, downstairs, when they visit each year.

Also handy for other visitors. And for storing our junk when there’s no-one here. And of course, the annual conversion of the food fridge to the beer fridge.

Anyway, the existing patios were tiny, so I drew a picture of what we wanted, Alf got the plans drawn up, and about a year (and a cement allergy and a nervous breakdown) later, we were done.

Old balcony

The original balcony, and our real estate agent

Smaller balcony

An even smaller balcony – the French doors only opened part-way

Meanwhile, the small amount of planting I’d done to date was either dead or just not there anymore.

Never mind – we had our outdoor areas.

Downstairs patio

The downstairs patio

Upstairs patio

The upstairs patio December 2011

New balcony

The new and improved small balcony

I started planting again, close to the house…forgetting that there’s no reason for the painters to be any more considerate than the builders were.

seaweed mulch

Even the seaweed I’d collected at our local beach, and painstakingly mulched each plant with, disappeared.They just trampled over everything!

Where are those wasps when you need them???