The Original Garden

When we first bought the house, there were no garden walls, just a lot of thorny trees and shrubs planted along the boundaries, with a million or so banana trees in the middle.

I admit that I exaggerate, but in this case, not by much.

First order of business was to clear the boundary and whatever space the builders needed to work in. So they did:

Clearing the block

The builders clearing the block, watched by Alf

If I were cruel, I could have made a short film called Attack of the Dreaded Yellow Wasp. Instead I peeked from the windows and sniggered at the builders jumping about every time they disturbed a nest.

Heehee – still makes me smile! And no, I’m not mean – you had to be there and know them. You’ll see.

Anyway, plants all gone. Including several bougainvilleas I’d asked them to keep. Snigger snigger – love those wasps!

But before we had a chance to get the green-waste trucked away, the builders did what I’ve dubbed Mauritian Gardening – they built huge bonfires and burnt everything while it was still green.

Slightly smoky, and so good for the environment.

Also, if they really had to do it, why do it next to the plants they did remember to keep???  Now are you getting the wasp thing?

Next, I watched eagerly as they dug the foundations for the walls – and no, not to see them get bitten by giant things that live in the ground – but to see what kind of soil my beautiful garden-to-be would have.


Big, GIANT rocks!

So, as the builders didn’t have a novel way of solving the rock problem, we had them trucked away.

Cleared lock

The cleared block before the banana trees grew back