Our Farewells

Sandra and Gillian

Alf was a man of many parts, or talents, as he would say.

He was an advisor, a confidante, a friend, and an inspiration, not only to his family, but to everyone he met.

He gave his loyalty, his trust, his understanding, and his compassion, freely and often.

We feel proud, grateful, and very blessed, to have shared our lives with such an exceptional person.

All our love till we meet again.


He was always a pillar of strength, an understanding and empathetic listener.

An inspirational mentor, a comforting shoulder, innovative thinker, and woe unto anyone who tried to hurt the ones he loves.

He certainly lived a full and amazing life, learning and gathering wisdom from every experience, he enjoyed the pursuit of knowledge.

He pursued his dreams and followed his heart with determination. He valued respect, honesty, integrity and personified wisdom.

A beautiful heart, a courageous soul, and a shining light in the darkness.


Today I say goodbye to my hero, my mentor and my best friend.

It’s difficult to find words that can do justice to explain the wonderful man that my father was.

He touched everyone he met – whether it was with his sense of humour, his endearing charm, or his positive attitude towards life, he always found a way to make people smile.

His infectious personality, his encouragement to succeed, and his endless words of wisdom, will stay with me forever and help me to make the right decisions in life.

He was always there for me – he taught me how to crawl, how to walk and more importantly – how to live life to the fullest, and have no regrets.

Dad – I will always miss you, always love you and I hope you find peace in the place you have found to rest.


Alf’s goal in life was to make me happy, and not a day passed when I wasn’t in his thoughts, and that he didn’t find something, no matter how small, that would make me smile.

His love was unconditional, and there for the world to see.

My strongest wish is that his children Daniel and Meggie experience a love like ours.

When you left me Alf, I lost more than a husband, I lost my best friend.

I love you and one day we’ll be together again.

Till then you’ll always be in my heart.

Just married

Just married