A Broken Heart

I’m so very sad to say that Alf died suddenly last Thursday of a heart attack.

Since then, our friends, my parents Eileen and Colin, Alf’s children Daniel and Meggie, his sisters Sandra and Gillian, niece Christine, and I, have grieved together, but also celebrated the wonderfulness of Alf.

This follows, all too tragically, the death of his eldest son, Kieran, who was killed in an accident six weeks ago.

Alf died on what would have been Kieran’s 30th birthday.

For our family and friends overseas who were unable to be here with us, over the next two posts, I’d like to share a little of the past week with you. I hope you find some solace in it.

Today, Sandra, Gillian, and Christine fly back to Belfast, and on Saturday, Meggie and Daniel fly back to Perth.

The house will feel very empty.

But I know that Alf would not have wanted our lives to stop, nor for us to remain trapped in our grief.

He always encouraged us to be the best we could be, and we will all honour that.

I love you Alf. xx