I’m Veronique and I’m creating a tropical garden from scratch.

My husband, Alf, and I have been living in Mauritius since 2007, and in 2009, bought an old, run-down house in the north of the island, in a coastal village called Trou aux Biches.

With the major renovations finished, I’ve started to design and plant our 15x15m garden. I’m currently four months into it.

I want to show family and friends both back in Australia and elsewhere, what we’ve been up to, as I’m famously bad for keeping in touch.

While I mainly write about making the garden and the things in it, I also write about what it’s like to live here as an expat, experiences we’ve had, problems we face, and some of the people we’ve met along the way.

Plus, I like to vent on occasion and Alf’s heard it all before!

If our experiences help anyone, well, that’s a bonus.

I like to sew, paint, cook, make things, and read.

And to stare at nothing.

My favourite word is “anyway” as I’m easily sidetracked.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Willy,

    Please let me introduce myself as Dhruv Baruah, the Editor of Holiday Home Times, the news portal for holiday home owners and buyers across Asia. Our head office is in Singapore, although I’m based in our regional office in India.

    Recently I was reading your blog and found it really interesting. The pics of your garden are really amazing. Actually, in our website we have a Living In section which features people and their lives in tourist destinations.

    Currently I’m looking to interview expats who have settled in the touristy places like Mauritius, etc. wherein they can tell our readers about life in these places from the expat’s point of view.

    Would you be interested in the same? It will be a simple email interview. It will be a great honor to have your views on life in Mauritius.

    You can in fact have a look at the section for interviews we have conducted earlier ( http://www.holidayhometimes.com/page/4/?s=interview )

    Hoping to hear from you

    Thanks and regards

    Dhruv Baruah
    Holiday Home Times

  2. Hi Veronique,
    Have been sitting on the balcony all evening reading through your blog. Really enjoying it.

  3. I’ve been an expat for exactly a year and a month now and I can relate so clearly to the experiences you write about. Anyway, I had a good giggle reading through your posts and I now feel refreshed knowing my sanity is in fact still in tact – its not me – it’s Mauritius! Thanks for blogging, it makes for great light hearted reading.

    • Hi Charmaine – I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I started the blog to share gardening information that I couldn’t find by googling, and had to discover by trial and error. Then I found that writing about our experiences here was cathartic – now I can laugh at them instead of tearing out my hair!

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