The End (almost!)

Great news – my house is sold!

The new owners will be buying much (I hope!) of the furniture, and also some of the decor.

Once they’ve decided what they want, I’ll be selling the rest, and taking with me only the things with memories attached, or things I love that can’t be replaced.

So this post will be short and sweet – below are links to photos of my house showing how I decorated it, using all of the things I’ve made over the last couple of years.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, and for those of you in Mauritius, once I’ve priced all the items that will be for sale, I’ll post details of either a garage sale/vide grenier, or on how to get in touch with me.

Photos of the downstairs apartment

Photos of the upstairs apartment (where I live)

And hey – this is almost your last chance to comment!


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