Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have been trending in the interior designer world for the last few years – with specific plants even becoming the “must-have” decor item.

For example, the hugely expensive fiddle leaf fig (which apparently dies if you don’t tell it you love it every day!).

Or the current darling of whoever sets these trends, the olive tree.

What the actual (insert your favourite swearword here)!

Olive trees thrive in the ground in a Mediterranean climate – not in a pot in your lounge room! Expect your hugely expensive decor accessory to start dropping leaves in protest, and then shrivel up and die, while silently screaming abuse at you.

Unless you go the fake plant route.

Don’t even get me started – I’ll never stop.

Who cares – here we go…

…if you have a spot in the house where a plant cannot survive (no light, too high for watering etc), AND they don’t look blatantly fake, then they’re perfect – I have a few myself:

But otherwise, come on! Stop filling your house with plastic that looks like plastic!

If you choose correctly, all you have to do is water your real plants once a week or so, and they’ll flourish.

Having said that, the last time I owned a houseplant was in the late seventies/early eighties when I discovered that no matter what I tried, I was a menace to all plant life.

At the start of my current attempt at being a plant owner, I did a little time-travel back to those days, and made the same mistakes – I went to the indoor plant section of nurseries, and bought expensive plants that were used to being carefully looked after.

Needless to say – they ALL died.

Well, they didn’t just die – history repeated itself, and I killed them through the two extremes of neglect and overwatering.

But this time I didn’t give up, and what I eventually did instead, was to dig up plants from my no-maintenance garden and bring them inside.

And they are thriving!

I water them once a week – or sometimes fortnight if I forget – or sooner if I notice any of them drooping – and that is it.

In the three or so years I’ve had them, I haven’t had a single loss. And I am a terribly negligent plant owner (that’s also why I have a cat and not a dog – low-maintenance, but loving pets – if you don’t have a cat, you don’t know what you’re missing – they are lovely!)

And what a huge difference plants make to the feel of my house.

I’m so grateful to the interior designer who initiated this trend – the memory of all my dead seventies plants has finally been relegated to the cobwebbed corners of my mind.

Anyway, on that cheerful note, here are some with and without shots to hopefully encourage you to fill your home with green (not plastic please!).

PS You also get to decorate with beautiful baskets and planters, as well as DIY stakes.


2 thoughts on “Indoor Plants

  1. What a big difference your green live plants make in your home. After 20 years in a tropical land with plants out and in, I’m reminded that’s what this desert home needs. Even a small bamboo plant in water here and there is an eyecatcher.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lovely to hear from you again, Bertie.
      And yes, having plants around is wonderful – I’ve sold my house and will be moving out sometime next month, so before I sell all my plants, I’ll take and post photos of the rooms with many more plants than I’ve shown here.
      Happy to bring some green back into your life.


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