Weird and (dubiously) Wonderful Designs

Whenever I write a DIY post, I spend a lot of time online searching for images and prices of the inspiration pieces.

Consequently, every time I go online now, I’m flooded with ads for high-end department stores, usually Anthropologie, Maison du Monde and suchlike.

But recently, (and I don’t know why, as I’d never heard of it before, let alone visited the site), Made in Design by Printempts has made itself well and truly known to me.

(FYI, French department store, Printempts, bought Made in Design which is “Europe’s leading e-commerce site for design furniture, modern lighting and designer decorations”, and together, they’ve come up with a range of truly (they say) unique (I say, bizarre!) designs)

Many of their products made me shake my head in puzzlement, and wish that I could have a teeny tiny peek inside their clients’ houses.

And being the wonderfully generous person that I am, I thought I’d share some of the odder ones with you.

You can thank me later.

I’ll be kind and ease you in gently with this €400 stool (which if you actually love it, I’m sure you can make with some downpipes and a can of Barbie-pink spray paint!)

But now, my friends, allow me to lead you on a magical journey through the land of animal decor…

…maybe a sweet 21cm long, €82 rat lamp for your bedside table?

You could even buy yourself a mini plague of them.

No? Maybe this well-groomed gorilla who will forever stare down at you is more your thing – €540

Now, everyone likes dogs, right? And, yes, from another angle, he’s definitely male.

Bench €437

Or maybe you’re in the market for a €2535 donkey desk…

And in case you can’t imagine sitting and working at a donkey, they’ve styled it for you to make it more familiar:

See? It’s a real desk!

If you’re into the satanic, this rampant ibex bookshelf for €1315 might be exactly what you’re looking for:


And finally in this series, what I initially misread as being a bedside table lamp, and figured was enough to give you a fright every time you woke up and saw it…

…is even worse, as it’s the actual bedside table in the form of a €649 giant goose lamp!

Imagine that looming over you as you lay in bed!


OK, I think I’ve bored you for long enough with the animals.

So let’s move on to my favourite category…human body parts!

After all, who wouldn’t want this €59 trinket tray to pop your keys or jewellery in?

Or an abstract penis lamp for €480

Speaking of penises (I never imagined I’d be typing those words in a blog!), you can showcase one of these €62 sculptures on your shelf – maybe on the rampant ibex one.

(Click on the image for more detail)

What the actual #*%$*?????

And they’re big – all around 25cm tall!

In the words of a well-known Australian idiot, would someone “please explain”. Why would anyone want these?

And finally (do I hear cries of relief?), a €190 side table which I can imagine beautifully-styled with the €79 vase…

I love how it comes complete with varicose veins and deformed toe, and as far as this heart vase goes, I have no words.

Maybe you’d prefer it in glass:

Or if all of those chopped off veins don’t appeal, this €177 vase might be a humorous take standing on the foot table???

You’d need a great sense of humour, and incredible style to make these pieces work in your space.

Or maybe, I just lack vision!

Something I never thought I’d be grateful for!

Anyway, now that this ordeal is over, all I have left to say is:

You’re welcome!

10 thoughts on “Weird and (dubiously) Wonderful Designs

  1. Too funny! The rat beside lamp and the teeth trinket bowl took 1st and 2nd prize for me! The goose lamp made me smile I must say 😉


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