What’s to Come in 2019

Today was D-Day (or should that have been B-Day for Back-to-my-Blog-Day?).

I was going to post a quick 2-years’ worth of garden updates, but I’ve woken up to overcast skies, so photos will have to wait for a sunny day.

Starting soon, I’ll be doing a Plant of the Week (though maybe not every week!), showcasing both my indoor plants, and those in the garden, giving tips on growing and propagation, and where to get them.

Here’s a teaser of my favourite indoor plant ever – the amazing Electric fern:


Depending on the light, it reflects a blue sheen – delicate and gorgeous! Stay tuned for where I bought it.

Moving right along…

As I planted a low maintenance garden all those years ago, there really isn’t much I need to do on a regular basis, other than occasional watering and some light pruning.

And replacing plants the gardener has killed.

(I say gardener, but he’s more of a garden maid – he likes to sweep (the driveway, the street, my poor paths) and pick up every single fallen leaf in the beds.)

It makes it hard to write a gardening blog when there’s nothing much happening out there!

So, as I’m about to start redecorating my house, I’ve decided to bore you with that instead.

I’ve scoured YouTube and DIY blogs and have found some lovely things to make to decorate my new spaces, as well as some great tutorials to help me with technique.

I’ll be posting my take on these things, together with links to the original tutorials, and where to buy supplies here in Mauritius.

Here’s another little teaser –  one of the many projects I’m still working on…



Don’t say a word! It’s going to be lovely when I’ve finished!

Start collecting your guava branches!

Anyway, that’s it for today – see you again when the sun shines!


PS It’s good to be back!

PPS I use so many exclamation marks!!!

8 thoughts on “What’s to Come in 2019

  1. Hi Veronique) Glad you back) Maybe I didn’t comment before, but I was reading your blog long time ago. Since than I changed my location, now we live in Flic en Flac. Due to the fact that I have no land around the house, I grow domestic plants. There are many of it – my friends say, but there are never too many plants, you know))


  2. Hi. Thank you for your blog. I am relatively new to Mauritius and trying to start an organic garden in Moka. The soil is not so great here 😦 Someone recommended that I add worm castings. Do you know where I could find them in Mauritius? Thank you again. X


    • Hi Sara
      I can’t give you a definitive answer, but if memory serves me well, I think a guy called Gaby living down Tamarin way was selling it a few years ago.
      He used to comment on my blog, so if he turns up again, I’ll check with him – he was involved in a community garden project somewhere down there.
      In the meantime, you can ask in the Expat.com Mauritius forum – it’s a great source of information.
      I buy bags of used horse bedding from the stables – it’s basically sawdust/wood shavings and horse manure. I use it as a thick mulch and it slowly breaks down and improves the soil, as well as stopping water evaporation. Also slows down weed-growth.
      Hope this helps!


  3. Dear Veronique,
    Am so glad you reappeared. I had missed your Mauritius blogs, your garden and you. Our son was working on your island and enjoying it, along with his family. We’ve grown to love it and have never been there.
    All the best as you begin the inside and outside work. I admire you.


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