I’m Back!

I won’t bore you too much with how I’ve been for the last few months – suffice to say that it’s been the hardest time of my life.

I’ve had a lot of very dark days, and imagine there’ll be a lot more ahead.

I think of Alf from the moment I wake up, right up to when I fall asleep, and miss him during every one of those moments.

I miss the things we used to do, and cry over those things we will never do.

On the positive side, I’ve made new friends, seen a lot more of old friends than I used to do, and started on a lot of projects that I was too lazy/busy to tackle before.

I’ve also started an art class, and will shortly be starting a concrete sculpture course – hopefully, my Plus-Size Diva will finally get her day in the sun, and I might even manage to make some head planters.

I decided it was better to keep busy doing things I enjoy, than to allow myself to drown in my pain – though it’s very tempting to go down that path sometimes.

Anyway, thanks for your support, and patience – I just need to finish getting the garden into shape after having ignored it for the last four months, and My Mauritian Garden will be up and running again!

Till next week.


14 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. t is great to hear you are back. I look forward to hearing more about your garden and perhaps share some things from my organic veggie patch and my new worm farm which is going great guns. lots of babies appearing and soon i hope to be producing worm tea. Every day there are new lessons and i am loving it. Wonderful to eat out of the garden and hopefully more to come.


  2. Great to read your writings again – good you’ve got things to do and it will all help you, every day, I hope. T
    ake care and we’ll see you again soon. XX.


  3. Welcome back. Great to read you again. The silence had told us the story. Good idea regarding the occupation and interests it does help to reshape a new life be it with many missing parts. Having been through that transition it also reminded me of those silly things I did before realising reality. However, we humans are resilient beings.


    • Hi Mike – it’s been a long and hard road (with some deep potholes along the way!) to even get to this point (which is still really early days). But at least now I know that I can do it. Even though it’s painful, and I still have bad moments, I have friends I can call on, and strength I never imagined I had. I’ll get there.


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