Mosaic Tiles for the Pot Stands

We’ve been fairly busy despite taking a couple of days off to celebrate our birthdays (which are a day apart), as well as our wedding anniversary (which falls on Alf’s birthday).

They were unusual birthdays this year – I was born in 1961, so turned 52, and Alf was born in 1952, so turned 61. Bet that doesn’t happen often!

Anyway, we finally found tiles that we like (it only took us two years!), so Joselito, our builder, is tiling both the upstairs and downstairs patio floors. As he’s on a long term contract elsewhere, he’s doing it on the weekends, so it’ll be a little while before he’s done, but here’s a preview:


It’ll look better once it’s been grouted!

Floor tilesPatio TilesWe’ve started work on the raised bed (with a little help from our friends), but the mountain of soil in the driveway needs to be wheelbarrowed in – and our wheelbarrow does not have a pneumatic tyre, so it’s a pretty hard slog!

The only thing I have finished, are the mosaic tiles to go underneath the pot stands.

I used tile offcuts from our kitchen backsplash and counter.

I glued the mosaic tiles onto the back of the kitchen tile with tile adhesive. I did it on the back because the front is glazed, and I didn’t think that the adhesive would work on a glossy surface:

Back of tileTile adhesiveI then used terracotta grout as it tones down the bright blue of the tiles, and gives them a purplish tinge:Terracotta grout

Aerial view

(I love the shadows on the wall)

Purple stand

White stand

No – I still haven’t managed to remove the pot!

Hopefully, they’ll keep the stand feet relatively dry – but even if they don’t, at least they look nice!

1 thought on “Mosaic Tiles for the Pot Stands

  1. hey Ronee – I have mosaiced some terracotta planters with those same blue & copper tiles. Your long lost, non-gardening pal. Have enjoyed your blog and glad to see you are still alive and well in Mauritius and have no lost your love of painting stuff!. Maree


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