Garden Update #1 – February 2013

I’m a stepmother. Sometimes a wicked one, but often, fairly nice.

“Stepmother” sounds better in French – belle-mère – which translates to “beautiful mother”.

I like that so much more – it makes me want to twirl around, dancing and singing “I Feel Pretty” – just like Natalie Wood in Westside Story.

Anyway, being a stepmother is sometimes good (no giving birth, and you can always give them back) and other times it’s worse than Island Fever – I just want to slap someone!

Currently, Alf’s eldest child, Kieran, is on his first two-week stay with us.

He’s not into sightseeing or the beach – he’s finding it all a bit boring. Which makes me a bit bored with him – why did he come? There’s nothing else to do here! (And I don’t mean that in a bad way – that’s why people come to Mauritius – to relax and look around). Two days into his holiday, and I already started getting annoyed with him.

Then . . . he volunteered to do some weeding.

Alf told him that I love my garden, but am not well enough right now to work on it.

I don’t think Kieran’s ever set foot in a garden, let alone worked in one, so I was a wee bit worried that he’d turn into my ex-gardener and pull out plants instead of weeds.

But no!

Under Alf’s guidance (I’ve been too scared to look in case I shout and slap), the garden is slowly re-appearing.

And yesterday, the rain finally stopped.

It’s encouraged me to get back out there, finish the planting, do some serious pruning, and tie things up.

And finish making the passionfruit frame (I don’t know whether the passionfruit plant will survive being transplanted – it’s been sitting in the raised bed for so long, that its roots have grown into the soil).

Also, weeding, poisoning, and grass-cutting.

And once I’ve transplanted the passionfruit, filling the raised bed with the pile of soil currently blocking the driveway, and starting my Square Foot Gardening vegetable patch.

It only took 6 weeks for the garden to get this out of control. I really need to keep on top of things in future.

Anyway, Kieran, you’re the best! Come visit and find Mauritius boring any time you want!

Pre-weeding photos:

Vine-covered palm

Vine-covered palm

Weed-infested path

Weed-infested path

More vines

More vines

Weed corner


Weed corner

Hopefully, the bougainvillea is still alive in the corner – that entire mass of green is weeds!

Raised bed

What happens when you don’t poison and cover the paths with sawdust…


…even the rhoeo edging (which is on the right of the photo) disappears!


Completely overwhelming!


Poser, but my hero! Thanks Kieran! xx

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