Oh My God, and Help!!

I usually only post twice a week. But…

…I just received my first aggressive “Comment”(s)!

Don’t worry, read my initial reply and you’ll understand that I can look after myself.

I’m still in charge of my own blog after all!

However, what is going on?

All I do on this blog is write about things that have happened to us.

I make nothing up, I exaggerate nothing, and I don’t denigrate or name anyone.

On top of that, I try to write in a light-hearted and humorous way.

I guess I’ve failed horribly, because Jean-Pierre, a Mauritian living in France, has taken serious objections with the “Why we Don’t Have a Maid” post.

He says that he isn’t an internet troll, so maybe, instead, he has a relative who’s a maid, and he can’t see beyond that. I can’t think of any other reason he’s taken such offence with what I wrote.

He should be mad at our ex-maid, not me! And, by the way, she did not have a learning disability – now who’s being insulting?

I don’t feel superior, I don’t think of anyone as a “Coolie” or a slave, nor do I choose to relocate, thank you very much, Jean-Pierre! If he’d bothered to read any more of this blog, he’d realise that I am also a Mauritian, and this blog is not serious.

What the hell??

I don’t want to reply directly to him any further, because I might end up getting angry, then who knows what I might write – I’m not able to help myself.

And it would only go downhill from there!

So, I’d appreciate your input.

Any input, from anyone!

Please – save me from myself!

Depending on where you’re accessing this page from, either hit the “Reply” link at the bottom of this page, or just write directly in the comment box, and go for it!


And weird.

Get a grip J-P!

(See – I can’t stop!)


And thanks in anticipation!


7 thoughts on “Oh My God, and Help!!

  1. Hello, I’m a Mauritian expat living in France too. I won’t explain how I got here, it is a very long and unhappy story and in no case a “run away”‘ thing. I am not taking any sides but I think that I understand what happened with your post.

    I understand JP’s comment in the sense that you tend to become over reactive and over protective of your “mauritian culture” when you have spent a long time away. Honestly, it is the only thing that is inbred and links you to your birthplace. This is common and this is why he lost his judgement. He picked you up on a specific statement because he needed something to light the fuse. He took it as a personal issue.

    I read your posts (not all but a lot of them), you put a magnifying glass on some of the mauritian traits. I find it funny because it is true in a lot of cases (I’m not saying all of them). Other people will find it insulting because they only see it as a negative criticism from somebody trying to show what goes wrong in an emerging country. As much as they can stand against you on the subject of a post, they will not think twice when they themselves will want to criticize another Mauritian. “Plus royaliste que le roi”. Try posting something like “all the mauritian policemen are clean, polite, helpful and uncorrupted people” to see if the reactions are the same. 😀

    Now, a blog is public and some people, especially in the Mauritian culture, can’t draw the line between reality and irony. It all takes a lot “in between reading” to understand. People take things personally when you make tongue-in-cheek comments here. I was a professionnal web design blogger before (Gices can confirm) and I shut everything down because of the way the Mauritian people reacted to it. I started my first blog back in 2003 and met a lot of bullies over the Internet. Just let the comment be and comment back in 2 or 3 weeks or even months after, you won’t feel the anger. Don’t reply on the go, that’s when you make mistakes.

    • Wow, Pépé Le Beagle (love the name!). Thanks for explaining the inexplicable! I really didn’t see that I said anything wrong – just told it as it was. My very extended family, made up of what seems like a million or so cousins, (and I, until 5 years ago) also live overseas, but none of them (nor I) would ever react that way – we’d just laugh. Different types of people, I guess. Love your comment about the police – it made me laugh (it also gives me two ideas to write about) . Is your blog still out there somewhere? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply, giving me a little understanding, making me feel better, and giving great advice. Take care.

      • You’re welcome. I left aside all the “work blogging”. I’m now nurturing a “Life Blog” which you’ll find by clicking on my name.

  2. I’ve read the aggressive comments and I find it amusing that people refer to patriotism for their foolishness. The truth is always bitter and it hurts more when it concerns you but that’s not an excuse to deny it.

    Oh I’m british mauritian btw and I’m not taking sides. I live here and I know what it’s like.

    No need to lose sleep over this Veronique 🙂

  3. I did not feel that your blog article was exaggerated. We have had the same sort of experiences with I did not feel that your blog article was exaggerated. We have had the same sort of experiences with previous maids. Theft of items is common and I have talked to Mauritian friends who have had the same problems in their homes. J-P is living away in Europe and cannot be in the know of today’s local experiences. We try to employ people that are reliable and our source is the NGO Caritas who have a list of people seeking work. Most already have years of experience in the job. I presume that J-P is thinking that all expats are exploiting poor people. I could take offence at that too as I am married to a Mauritian and we treat our maid(s) with respect. We take into account their home situation and have helped out certain ones with gifts and gratuities. J-P should realise that there is a problem of hygiene and non-respect of the environment here in Mauritius. Like you indicate what countries teach their people to wash their hands on TV and in the press? J-P is a patriot then why has he scarpered off to Froggie land? You, myself, other Mauritians and expats are investing here and giving employment to people. We spend our cash here J-P we do not exploit.

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