New Year’s Day Party

We like catching up with friends we haven’t seen for a while, so we’re having a party.

We’ve invited about 30 people for drinks and finger food from 2pm onwards, giving them time to get over any hangovers from the night before.

This time, I’ll have time to take photos because this time, I’m super-organised.

This is the menu:


  • Quail scotch eggs
  • Salmon and dill mousse
  • Marinated chicken drumettes


  • Mini cheeseburgers with tomato relish
  • Thai-style chicken in wonton cups
  • Chilli con Carne in wonton cups with salsa and crème fraiche
  • Tarragon chicken mini vol-au-vents


  • Fruit mince pies
  • Lemon meringue tartlets
  • Passionfruit tartlets
  • Mini profiteroles with custard and chocolate ganache (if I’ve got time)

I’ve written the shopping list, and a detailed order-of-work list.

I need lists.

This time, I’ve chosen a lot of dishes that can be pre-made, frozen, and reheated, with only a few things that have to be cooked on the day.

And some things have to be put together on the day, like the wonton cups, burgers, and vol-au-vents.

But that’s OK. It’s under control. It’s all on my list.

This time, the preparation and cooking starts three days before the party, and continues through the day of the party.

It’s spread out over 4 days so that I’ll only have a few hours of cooking each day instead of 2 full exhausting days at the end of which I scream at Alf:

“Why did you let me do this again??? Didn’t you learn anything last time?????”

Which leads him to scream back at me:

“That’s it! No more parties!”

But I guess it’s like childbirth (so I’m told!) – you forget.

Happy New Year!

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