Pot Stands, Pots, and Shadow Painting

The Stands

A couple of years ago, we bought 2 wrought iron pot stands at an auction.

I got so caught up in the whole auction excitement that I committed the ultimate mistake – I didn’t check to see whether I could do the necessary repairs myself. Oops!

Mainly it’s OK, just a lot of flaky paint and rust to remove, priming and a new paint job (white gloss). I can do that.

But…three of the rings that hold the pots were badly bent. Double oops!

Not that oops was the exact word I used when I noticed.

bent stand

I tried hitting them with a rubber mallet. Nothing. Then whacked them with a hammer, until Alf screamed at me to stop. Still nothing.

What to do?

And then I remembered our friend Sam.

He loves to help, is extremely handy, and loves to make things.

He recently made a chariot out of 2 second-hand bicycles for their rottweiler, Betty, to pull.

The answer is, because he can, and he enjoys it.

And Betty likes pulling it.

He also has a welding machine.

Problem solved – they’re still a bit crooked but that’s OK. Now I just need to  paint them.

pot stand

Pots for the Pot Stands

I finally found some pots that looked, to my trained eye, to be the perfect fit.

Why don’t I measure these things, and how is it that I never learn?

They were about 3mm too small!!! I was close, but close doesn’t count if they just fall through the rings and smash on the ground!

So instead of just painting them terracotta, I had to mosaic and grout the top rim to increase the circumference. On all eight of them. Stupid trained eye!

painting the pots

tiling the pots

pot closeup

I used the same blue tiles that are on the shower and raised bed.

I painted the pots terracotta instead of purple because I don’t want them to be a feature.

I want them to disappear into the wall. Because…

Shadow Painting

Now, I’m not saying that I’ll definitely do this, because my skills, such as they are, may not be up to the task, but, the other day we were sitting up on the patio having a drink, Alf reading his book, and me glaring at the weeds, when I noticed…shadows.

Beautiful, curly shadows being cast by the pot stands.

I thought, why limit this gorgeous curliness to the ten minutes a day when the sun happens to hit the stands just right? Why not paint the shadows onto the wall?

Maybe using grey warmed up with a bit of terracotta so that the lines aren’t too stark. Or terracotta with a little black added? Or grey. Don’t know – never done anything like that before – I’ll have to experiment.

The softer colour will also be forgiving of my painting skills.

Black was never a consideration, as shadows aren’t really black – they just look that way. I think. Don’t take my word on it. I’m Mauritian. I make things up when I’m not sure.

Anyway, now that the rings have been straightened (no point having bent shadows), I’ll take a lot of photos, and trace the shadows onto the wall with chalk. Then I’ll go over it with pencil in case the chalk gets washed off when it rains, because it’ll probably be ages before I get round to painting it.

One problem that immediately comes to mind is the fact that the sun’s position changes so fast. I’ll have to be really quick with my tracing.

Also, how will it look when the real shadows are there?

Don’t know the answer, but if it looks stupid, I’ll just paint over it and the stupidity will just disappear.

Just like the grass will one day.

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