The Nurseries Pt 1, and Port Louis

Port Louis – the Capital of Mauritius

I imagine there are a lot of nurseries in Mauritius. I wouldn’t know. We only buy from those considerate enough to be located in The North.

Just to clarify, if you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting our fair isle, everywhere north of Port Louis is The North, and to the south – well, I’m sure you can work it out. And it must be so, because it says so on the road signs.

We also have the east and west coasts although there are no road signs for those, so lower case only for them.

The drive to The South takes you through the traffic-nightmare capital of Port Louis. We try to avoid it whenever possible.

The weird thing is that the motorway just by-passes it – you don’t actually drive into it, but you can be stuck in traffic for ever (well, an hour then, OK?) with horns honking, cursing and other impatient and rude things happening all around you.

But never in our car. Never.

Especially not when I’m driving.

Another weird thing is that the traffic jams seem to only occur when the police have turned off the traffic lights and are directing the traffic themselves. Mmm.

The Nurseries, or, in French, Les Pepinieres

All nurseries in Mauritius have staff that follow you around (and not in that annoying way – as if they suspect you of shoplifting – that they have in a lot of Mauritian shops – shop assistants walk so closely behind you, that if you suddenly stop, bang! Ow!).

Staff at nurseries follow you around so that as you select your plants, they can take them to your car. When you’re done, you go to the office and pay (Labourdonnais), or pay the staff directly.

Prices are low compared to overseas. No one nursery is cheaper than the other, but prices of individual plants vary a lot between them, so if you’re buying a large amount or an expensive plant, it pays to shop around.

They’re listed in the order in which we discovered them. There are others, but we haven’t been to them. See Parts 2 and 3.


2 thoughts on “The Nurseries Pt 1, and Port Louis

  1. Reading your blog for the first time and enjoying it. Have you tried Vaneron Nursery? It’s in Quatre Bornes. Lots of interesting plants, decent prices. They have a functional website and reply quickly to any queries as well!

    • I haven’t tried Vaneron, but next time we go to the market, we’ll pop in. Although, I don’t really need any more plants right now – I’m running out of room! Anyway, thanks for that, and glad you’re enjoying the blog. V

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