The Garden Style

Living here, the obvious choice is tropical.

A lush, jungle look.

I initially wanted something like this:

Tropical garden


But after a lot of browsing through various websites, I decided to make a list of what I liked about different garden styles:


  • The plants
  • Lushness


  • The planting style – lots of symmetry
  • Hedging


  • Minimalist
  • Modern colour schemes
  • Silhouetted specimen plants
  • Funky garden ornaments


  • Certain plants
  • Plants tumbling over paths
  • A tiny bit of rusticity

Then I decided to combine these elements, and invent my own garden style.

I ‘m going to plant a fusion garden.

A Formal Contemporary Tropical Garden with a Touch of Cottage.


2 thoughts on “The Garden Style

  1. Veronique, I stumbled across your blog as I’m planning a move to Mauritius. I’ve been down the road you are travelling. No words can help and I’m sure you have heard this a hundred times: It may not seem likely at the moment, but It DOES get easier.
    Kind regards John

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